a little about tomohon ..

Tomohon is a city in North Sulawesi, or Sulawesi Utara, in Indonesia. Tomohon is a part of the Minahasa regency in North Sulawesi. There was a time when the inhabitants felt the necessity of upgrading the status of their residence into an autonomous city on behalf of its approach to community service. Tomohon officially became a city in the year of 2003 by the passage of the Act of Republic Indonesia No.10 of the year 2003 about the establishment of South Minahasa Regency and Tomohon city within North Sulawesi Province and was inaugurated on August 4. Tomohon is known for flower planting at people’s homes. Nearby is the Volcano Gunung Lokon or Mount Lokon and Mount Mahawu. Tomohon is also known for wooden house production, palm sugar (aren) production, vegetable agriculture, and as a center of Christian Ministry, as a student town.

Such Tourism attractions in Tomohon are suitable to visit, like the volcanoes Mount Lokon and Mount Mahawu, which were both active volcanoes until now. Also once a year, Tomohon commences a Parade which is the Tomohon Flower Festival, and Cap Gomeh which is a Buddhist Chinesse ritual also done in the parade. The parade commences from the northern part of Tomohon which is Kakaskasen through the main city road, until the end of the parade, which usually stops at the “Tololiu Statue” at the center of the city. For better tourism atmosphere through Tomohon, using a traditional Horse Cart or locally called Bendi or Delman would be more exciting through the city streets and roads.